You don't have to be rich to have style!

Colorful shorts!


My favorite part about dressing little boys is that they can literally look cute in anything.  It allows me to take risks that I wouldn’t normally take when choosing outfits for my husband.  These colorful shorts would feel really “loud” if I was thinking about dressing a man in them but now that I see them on the boys I have decided that they are a MUST have for all ages!

Here are a few of my favs.




Summer Heat


It has been over 100 degrees here lately!  With temperatures that high, it is easy to loose hope of every dressing nice again.  All we want to do is be in bathing suits and tank tops.  Unfortunately, school has already started so that is not an option anymore. :(  To keep cool and still look good make sure you choose light and comfortable fabric, like cotton.

Get Ryker’s Summer Heat look for under $20 here:

Getting Fancy

IMG_8725 IMG_8726

We got these ties in the mail from  The boys are literally obsessed. They have even been wearing them around the house with just undies. hahaha

All of the neckwear looks great and very on trend!  If you look closely you will notice that Ryker’s tie is Darth Vader and Grey’s tie has little dinosaurs on it.  Awwww!!!  Bonus: They have both traditional tie yourself ties as well as zipper ties.  Both boys are wearing the zipper ties in these pics.

If your kids has a dressy event to attend, I HIGHLY suggest you check out!  Your kid will look great and love their tie.

Side note:  Doesn’t Ryker look so old in this picture? Where did my baby go?

Nautical Hack


Get a similar look here: