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Check out these Babiators!  They are flexible and shatter proof.  The boys are so hard on their glasses that they often literally He-Man break them while trying to put them on.  These are so rubbery that they feel impossible to snap.  They are also great for their little eyes in the sun.

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Chris Hemsworth Hack


Meet baby Joe!  Grey picked this little doll out at a toy store about 6 months ago, named him Joe,  stripped off “his” purple outfit and literally thinks it’s his little brother.  When I came across this picture of Chris Hemsworth with his baby, I just couldn’t resist introducing baby Joe.



Stokke Trailz Stroller

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We just got the Stokke Trailz Stoller and are completely obsessed. It is so easy to use that Ryker has now decided he is in charge or Grey’s transportation needs.  I also put it to the ultimate test.  Both boys fell asleep in the car on the way to a furniture store.  Just my luck!  The stroller was strong enough to hold both of them and still rolled easily.  I’m sure this is against some safety rule so I don’t recommend it but … I did it. hahaha

Why I love it:

Rolls smoothly

Turns easily

Handle bar can go very high to very low

Huge basket under the seat

Folds easily

Looks great