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Before and After School

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People always ask how I get Ryker’s hair to stay put and how I keep him from getting dirty.  I thought you would all find these pics amusing.  These were taken on Monday before and after school.  Before:  looking sharp, fresh white tee, hair perfect.  After: wild hair, food and sidewalk chalk everywhere, dirty shirt.  The answer is…there is not a 4 year old on the planet who looks put together at the end of the day,not even Ryker. Also, say hello to our little photo bomber Hazel. :)

Green Shorts and a Minivan

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Tank Hack


Man photo cred: Isaac Lacey photographed by Miko Lim



Perfect Bars


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With my very first product review I wanted to highlight a new favorite product of our family. “Perfect Bars” are a locally (Southern California) made all natural health bar and something that all my boys can’t get enough of which really means they passed the test. These bars are gluten free, non-gmo, full of super foods and taste amazing. As most moms will tell you, we rarely get a chance to enjoy or savor a meal so i’m used to snacking throughout the day. Do you ever notice the expiration dates on the majority of these “healthy snacks” is 1-4 years?! These bars are kept in the refrigerator but can last up to a week at room temp.  Doesn’t it make sense that something made with fresh ingredients and an no preservatives shouldn’t last till Ryker is a teen. Like any mom i’m concerned with what my boys are snacking on and i’ve been extremely impressed with these.

Choose your own bars in the refrigerator section of your local grocer!

Here are our favorites, what are yours?

Peanut butter- feels like you are having dessert.  I ate one over a two day period.

Almond Butter- devoured it in 5 minutes.

Acai crunch- for some reason made me feel extra healthy.

Carbo Chip- the name scared me.  It reminded me of the bar that Lindsey Lohan fed Reginia in Mean Girls to make her gain weight.  I did take a bite and it was delicious.  This was by far Ryker’s Fav!