Collette started Mini Style Hacker in February of 2014 after realizing that the majority of the children deemed “most fashionable” were wearing designer brands that were simply unattainable for the masses.  She set out to show people that you can recreate these fashion forward looks for a fraction of the price and look almost identical to the fashion icons that inspire.  Using her two young son’s as models, Collette recreates the looks of some of pop cultures most recognizable men. This idea has resulted in explosive growth and popularity. Collette’s tips, tricks and reviews have garnered her an enormous amount of international media attention as well as a global social media following.  Mini Style Hacker is now one of the most recognizable children’s fashion blogs both domestically and abroad.

Since the launch of ministylehacker.com and instant success of the brand, Collette continues to expand, working tirelessly on major partnerships that closely align to her value statement; being fashionable, affordable and functional.

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