Helpful Tips to Keep Kids Entertained During Holiday Travel

This blog post is sponsored by the Southern California Honda Dealers

With the holidays approaching, I immediately start dreading Southern California holiday traffic.  You know the drill, load the kids in the car to make the rounds to Grandma’s house.  Then on to visit the in-law’s, the aunt’s, and uncle’s…..the list goes on and on. Trying to keep the kids entertained in the car is no joke.  They have played with the same “car toys” a million times, and I really don’t want them to just binge watch movies the entire time.  So, I’ve partnered with the SoCal Honda Dealers for their #RandomActsofHelpfulness campaign to share this helpful tip to keep kids entertained during holiday travel!

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A Magnetic Holiday Scene with the Helpful Honda Characters 



Laminated pictures of your favorite characters

2 sheets of laminated white paper

Baking Sheet


Command Strips

Spray Adhesive

Plain Magnets


Using the white paper cut out snowy mountains and clouds.

STEP 2: 

Glue them directly to the baking sheet.  I tried to use hot glue on this at first…it was unsuccessful!  The only way I could get the lamination to stick to the “non-stick” baking sheet was to use spray adhesive.  Luckily, I always keep some on hand for making tooth fairy glitter money. (I’ll share that gem in another post!)


Cut out your characters and any other little decorations that you want to be able to move around.


Time to stick the magnets on the back of your characters!  Ok, this part took some figuring.  I tried to use, hot glue, spray adhesive and super glue, but nothing worked.  The magnets slid right off of the characters.  Then, I tried Command strips and it worked!  I used a few of the medium sized strips and cut them to fit the magnets.


Hand it to the back seat and listen to the sweet sound of entertained kids!  Mom tip:  Make one for each child.  If you have have more than one kid, you know that only making one is a fight waiting to happen.



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